About Us

(no pun intended)

Hi there! We’re Adam and Tori Stake; thanks for stopping by our little slice of the internet. Here’s a quick rundown of who we are: Adam and Tori have been married for 3 years and have a sweet 1.5 year old baby girl. They reside in beautiful Colorado (never leaving this place!) where they live out their dreams as parents. While Adam works in the oil field, Tori recently left her career in coffee to stay at home with their daughter.

We hope that you find our resources useful and relateable in your day-to-day lives. We’re here to provide insight on what works and what doesn’t in our family and marriage; and most importantly, to keep it real.  We don’t have it all together, but we want to be a part of a community that celebrates the true blessings in life. Join us on our journey; we’d love to connect with you!


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