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August 11, 2017

Free (Or Almost) Family Activities

I love scrolling through Pinterest to find fun, new activities to do with my family. What’s even better is doing it for free or on the cheap. Below you’ll fine the free activities that my family and I do frequently and love. It gets us out of the house, but still provides time for us to bond and create memories. As they say, the best things in life aren’t things!


Explore a Bookstore

We love perusing through books and checking out topics we love. We even head to the kiddo’s section (we can’t resist) to entertain Riley. Some locations even have a play area in their kid’s section.

Visit a Garden Center

This is actually so fun to do in the summer. We’ll plop our babe into her wagon and show her all the cool flowers and plants. Totally free and a great mood booster.

Have a Picnic

Cheesy, but so enjoyable. Go to your favorite park or outdoor space. I love picnics because it allows us to pack lots of healthy stuff (and snacks. I like snacks.) and Riley is free to run around and play.

Take Your Coffee to Go

Adam and I like to brew some coffee and take it with us on a morning walk. It’s a great time to get fresh air and connect with each other while Riley is happily chauffeured in her stroller.

Check Out Your City’s Event Calendar

I do this all the time. Visit your city’s website to see if they have any fun events planned like food festivals, picnics, live music, art show, etc. Usually they’re kid-friendly and cost little to nothing.

Rent a Movie Online

With all of the streaming options we have now, we rarely see movies in the theater. Also, I’m not super jazzed about taking a toddler to a movie just yet. We like to rent to releases on Amazon Prime, Google, or if you have a gaming console.

Have a Photo Shoot

Bored? Bust our your nice camera and do a photo shoot. We love to go to beautiful places and take pictures. In my experience, these excursions are always full of laughs and I get memorable photos out of it.

Check Out a Museum

Do you have any local museums? A lot of times these tend to be free and also really unique locations to visit. Kids museums are also amazing because there’s lots of interactive things to keep them entertained. If they’re happy, I’m happy.

Play in the Water

If it’s super hot where you’re at, cool off in your backyard. If you don’t have any sort of sprinkler head, public pools will usually have splash pads that are fun for everyone.

Go to a Public Farm or Pumpkin Patch

Here in Colorado we have some stunning farms near us. Check out what’s close to you and see if they have any free events. In our case, some are pumpkin patches that are an Autumn lover’s dream in the Fall.


What are your favorite things to do with your fam that are free (or almost free)? Comment with your recommendations!

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