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August 29, 2017

Mountain Getaway- Dillon & Breckenridge

This last weekend, we trekked up to the mountains so Adam could participate in his annual Spartan Race. {For more info. on that, click here.} Even though Riley and I would just be spectators, we decided to make a fun weekend getaway out of it. We stayed in a cute Airbnb in Dillon, which was only about 20-ish minutes away from Breckenridge. Wherever we turned, there wasn’t one bad view; it was so gorgeous there! Where we live, we see the mountains in the background, but there’s nothing like being immersed in them.



We ate, drank, and sipped on coffee while we explored new places and soaked in some Vitamin D. Riley even slept pretty well in our shared room. Thank you, God!



The next morning we got up bright and early to drive to Breckenridge for the race. Riley and I got some girl time to explore, eat snacks, and dance while we waited for Adam and his cousin to cross the finish line (or jump over the fire in their case). They both did awesome and placed in the top 9% out of almost 3,000 participants; yay! Check out this babe-


The only bump in the road on this trip was that Riley lost her beloved Kitty pacifier. We think she threw it on the shuttle on the way back from the race, so my sweet husband searched the buses and even went back to the race site to hunt it down. RIP Kitty. She kept calling for her while we were in the car and we had to tell her that Kitty went bye-bye. *parents sob uncontrollably* Luckily we had a replacement at home that she eventually warmed up to. Again, thank you God! Overall, we had such a great time together as a fam. This quality time is so precious to me and I love being able to look back on photos to relive the memories we’re creating.



Do you have any last trips or vacations planned for the last weeks of Summer?

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    Looks like a great time!

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