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February 9, 2018

Final Stretch- Third Trimester Bumpdate

Bouqs Third Trimester Bumpdate

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28 weeks; hello, third trimester! 

Third Trimester Bump

While I was pregnant with Riley, I remember being so anxious and excited about when my bump would “pop.” Weeks and months went by and my flat tummy (RIP) had showed only the tiniest bloat. I would frantically Google “when will I start showing?” while I watched and wondered when it would look like I was actually carrying a baby. It wasn’t until 20 weeks people, TWENTY WEEKS, that I showed even the slightest bump!

See my 20 week bump with Ry here!

I laugh now because I started showing with Baby Boy around 10 weeks and was surprised but also a little amused. Now, at 28 weeks, I look like I’m due any day. Am I going to get even bigger? Lord help me; my maternity jeans are sweating at the thought.

The Mama

Feelings: emotional, exhausted, hungry, easily full, nesting, excited for labor & to meet our tiny baby boy bug

Nothing fits. I wear leggings and a t-shirt every day (and hubby’s at night). Doing my hair and makeup is a true feat. Shaving my legs or putting on shoes gives me practice contractions and I want to die. Dramatic or no?

Another Change in Birth Plan

At our 20 week anatomy scan, they found that my placenta was not fully attached to my uterus; a rare condition called Circumvallate Placenta. Because of this, they said I would not be a good candidate for home birth. In women with this condition, it is possible for baby to not be getting as much oxygen and nutrients as normal and would need to be more closely monitored, especially during labor.

With that being said, they wanted to monitor baby every 4 weeks to make sure he was growing accordingly, even though he was already measuring a week “ahead.” When our midwife told us, I couldn’t stop the tears that came. I wasn’t upset because I couldn’t handle the news, I was frustrated that we had to change our plan again, especially after having a difficult time switching healthcare providers.

Adam and I talked that evening, but quickly decided that we wanted to do what was best for our baby and give up my wishes for birthing at home. Although I was slightly concerned for the well-being of our babe, I felt at peace with this decision.

At our 24 week appointment, we had another ultrasound to see how things were going. He was still measuring about a week ahead and found yet another change in the “diagnosis.” It turns out that only a small part of my placenta was not fully attached because it had formed a sort of “lip.” I had only a very minor, partial form of Circumvallate Placenta and did not need to be so closely monitored going forward. Baby would not be affected by the minor detachment, and any worries of growth should be forgotten. They still felt it best that I continue care with them so they could monitor as my pregnancy progressed, but overall this shouldn’t be a concern in the health of our baby. Praise!

Besides this odd diagnosis, this pregnancy has been going healthily and quickly. We are so excited and nervous to meet our baby boy and become a family of 4. We’re trusting that we’ll find our groove in time and that God will continue to provide for us emotionally, physically, and financially.

Did you have something unexpected happen during your pregnancy or birth? How did you handle it? 

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  • Brittani Smith

    Awww! I am sending you all the good vibes for the rest of your pregnancy and his health even afterwards. Everything will be fine! Ps. You look so GORGEOUS! 😍💖

    February 9, 2018 at 9:06 pm Reply
    • Tori

      Aw thank you so much for taking the time to read! I appreciate it so much. We’re excited to meet our little man!

      February 9, 2018 at 9:13 pm Reply
  • Bethany Lammott

    I knew I was forgetting something but I felt like i was writing a book answering your question.

    I’m so glad the baby is ok, but I know how hard insurance and birth changes can be. I am so excited to hear you are going with midwives! Did you do them with riley?

    February 9, 2018 at 8:14 pm Reply
  • Bethany Lammott

    I love the picnic basket photo!

    I showed with emmett early, about 15 weeks but he was my first so that’s bad haha. Hadley was 2 lbs smaller and I didn’t show till much later with her.
    I was so big with Emmett that I had to have an extra ultrasound to see what was happening. Turns out he was just big…but 8.9 at birth so not as big as you’d think!

    February 9, 2018 at 8:13 pm Reply
    • Tori

      Thanks so much! Seriously every mama I’ve talked to just showed differently. I feel like boys are just bigger though! Ry was 8.7 so I’m curious how he’ll be, lol! We did midwives last time too. I’m not in love with our hospital, but I’m mostly sad we can’t do a home birth this time around. I’m just praying for his health and the labor we desire!

      February 9, 2018 at 9:00 pm Reply

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